Although the novels of The Soiled Dove Series do thematically tie together, they diverge dramatically when it comes to plot and character. They even vary in tone. So, here’s a book-by-book breakdown to help you determine which novels of The Soiled Dove Series might be right for you.

The Masseuse

The first book of The Soiled Dove Series follows Abby from her first job at a “specialty” massage parlor to some of the deepest depths of the sex trade. The tone starts out light, but Abby’s story is a gritty, often dark tale that pulls no punches.

The Therapist

A total departure from The Masseuse, the second book of The Soiled Dove Series follows Cassandra as she navigates the career-threatening world of outside-the-office couples’ therapy. Though there are a few serious subplots, the tone of The Therapist is light throughout, almost clocking in as a romance with a sex therapist protagonist.

The Guru

The only novel in the series with a lesbian protagonist, the third book of The Soiled Dove Series keeps things light for most part, though it does take some dark turns. The main focus is on Skye and her BFF JP, but Skye does have a love interest, so it’s one part friendly scheming, one part lesbian romance. With a few surprises.

The Minister’s Wife

With the fourth book of The Soiled Dove Series, things return to a more serious tone. Laurel is desperate, not for herself, but for those people around her, and she makes the conscious decision to make ends meet by whatever means necessary. It’s not as gritty as The Masseuse, but it does have a heavy tone.

The Madam

The most unwieldy of the series in terms of emotion, The Madam blends light and darkness throughout. The novel follows the trajectory of Elle’s entire career, from her early attempts at prostitution to her successful run as a Washington, DC madam. Just when it seems that everything is going wrong, things get better, and just when it seems that everything is going right, the unexpected comes. Just like life.