Popular authors write about vampires, elves, zombies and serial killers. No one seems particularly bothered by it. At least, no one in my life. In my experience, people find vampires sexy, elves fantastically surreal, zombies cool, and serial killers fascinating.

Write a romance novel with a damaged main character and pages of gratuitous sex, and people get that too. Write about prostitutes, and people ask why you write about prostitutes.

First, I tell them that I don’t write solely about prostitutes. I write about a lot of things.

Second, I ask them “Why not prostitutes?”

No one ever has an answer.

To me, prostitutes make incredible characters. They have such depth and grit. They go places that other people don’t and fear fears that others never have to think about.

I am intrigued by the women who work as prostitutes. No matter how much I learn and write about them, there are things I will never fully understand about the choices they make, what they feel they are gaining, and what they feel they are giving up.

Is it worth it, I wonder?

I just don’t feel the desire to ask the same question to an elf.