The novels of the Soiled Dove Series are linked by theme. That theme is sex work. Each book of the series – The Masseuse, The Therapist, The Guru, The Minister’s Wife and The Madam – focuses on a protagonist who enters the sex trade for reasons of her own.

But are they all prostitutes?

That depends on your definition of “prostitute.”

We define prostitution in a couple of different ways. The first is the dictionary definition, which is the exchange of money for sexual services.

Using this definition, yes, all the characters in the Soiled Dove series are prostitutes.

Then, there is our social definition of prostitution. The term prostitute applies to a more specific sect of sex workers than just those who get paid to perform sexual services. We don’t, for instance, call porn stars prostitutes or sexual surrogates prostitutes. The social prostitution definition is more narrow than that.

Using the social prostitution definition, no, not every protagonist in the Soiled Dove series is a prostitute.

Cassandra in The Therapist is a psychologist by trade, whose practice takes an interesting turn toward the physical. Skye in The Guru is a graphic artist, who becomes a sexual tutor almost by accident. Neither engage in what we think of as traditional prostitution.

Abby, Laurel and Elle, however, would be considered prostitutes in the traditional sense.