Soiled Dove Series: The Collection

The Soiled Dove Series is a group of thematically-tied novels that focus on five very different women who, in one form or another, earn money through sex. Brimming with life, drama, laughter and passion, you won’t believe the stories of Abby, Cassandra, Skye, Laurel and Elle.


The Masseuse

When, out of desperation, Abby answers a cryptic ad in the classifieds, she ends up working at an underground massage parlor that gives new meaning to the words “deep tissue.” Though the Chinatown parlor is dark and sleazy, the money is seductive, and the more money that pours in, the deeper Abby falls into the paid sex industry of Manhattan.

Or is she moving up in the world?

Living somewhere between pain and pleasure, glamour and depravity, it’s hard for Abby to know which way is up, which way is down, who her friends are, and how much of herself is too much to give away.


The Therapist

Couples therapist Cassandra has a thriving practice, but when a couple persuades her out of the safety of her office and into their bedroom, Cassandra’s life becomes increasingly complicated.

Before she knows it, she finds herself in the midst of a full-blown sexual awakening that pulls in nearly everyone around her.

By the time relationship-averse Cassandra realizes that sex leads to far more problematic emotions, it may already be too late.


The Guru

After Skye gives her best friend JP an impromptu lesson in how to orally pleasure women, JP jumps on the money-making potential of Skye’s considerable skills. After reluctantly agreeing to be JP’s business partner, Skye becomes intimate tutor to a slew of eager men.

The profits are substantial and the work is easy, until matters become complicated by a love interest, interpersonal bickering and an overzealous student.


The Minister’s Wife

Laurel believes in faith, honest work and signs.

When her husband’s church starts going under financially, threatening to pull an entire neighborhood down with it, the signs lead Laurel to a double life – one as a Sunday-through-Thursday minister’s wife in Milwaukee and one as a weekend prostitute in Chicago.

But is Laurel really doing God’s will? Or is she doing her own?

And what happens when her friends and her husband find out about her secret life?


The Madam

Elle is a trust-funded sorority girl when she has her life epiphany. The world, she realizes, is just a sexual bartering system, and, if she’s going to barter with sex, she prefers cash.

Deciding to become a prostitute almost on a whim, Elle quickly perfects her chosen vocation, much to the dismay of those who know her.

Cast out of her elite society and into an unfamiliar world, Elle discovers danger, unexpected opportunities, trouble with the law, trouble with the government, and, somehow, in the midst of it all, her purpose.