Get To Know Erotic Romance Author Claudia Easton

clockClaudia grew up in a small town where nothing of consequence ever happened, which gave her plenty of time to daydream about other worlds and other people’s experiences.

All that time Claudia got to spend fantasizing naturally led to more naughty daydreams. The books that Claudia writes are inspired by her fantasies. While she does enjoy all the naughty bits, she also likes a nice happily ever after ending for her characters.

Expect to see M/F, F/F, F/M/F menage and more in Claudia’s novels. While not explicit erotica, all of Claudia’s books are intended for a mature audience due to strong sexual themes.

If you also enjoy some steamy scenes with your HEA romance novels, then consider picking up one of Claudia books. You can currently find them available exclusively through Amazon, which also includes Kindle Unlimited.


Now Available!

The Soiled Dove Series: The Collection

soiled dove series collectionThe Soiled Dove Series is a group of thematically-tied novels that focus on five very different women, who, in some for or another, begin making money through sex.

The Collection includes all five novels in The Soiled Dove Series:

  • The Masseuse
  • The Therapist
  • The Guru
  • The Minister’s Wife
  • The Madam